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Genesis Vol 1 1


Genesis Vol 1 1

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"Resonance": Across the planet, Earth's superheroes feel their various powers and gifts fluctuate in unexpected and seemingly random intervals. This phenomenon is not limited to superhuman abilities, but has affected empowered devices as well. The Flash feels his sup

Quote1 Across the whole face of creation power sources are fluctuating, energy is shifting, changing. Even the Source itself is troubled by this! Quote2
-- Takion

Appearing in "Resonance"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Frank (Only appearance; dies)
  • Joker (Cameo)
  • Sonar

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Resonance"

Across the planet, Earth's superheroes feel their various powers and gifts fluctuate in unexpected and seemingly random intervals. This phenomenon is not limited to superhuman abilities, but has affected empowered devices as well. The Flash feels his super-speed drain out of him, while Green Lantern's power ring temporarily ceases to function. Other heroes however, are affected in different ways. Superman's new electromagnetic powers intensify and Ultra Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who can normally only access one power at a time, now finds himself able to use all of his powers simultaneously, while Spark gains a whole new ability altogether.

The JLA convene for an emergency meeting at the Watchtower. They hold a video conference with Batman who is using his computer in the Batcave to analyze the situation.

On New Genesis, Orion and Takion consult with Highfather. According to Takion, the phenomenon that is affecting Earth is affecting all of creation. Highfather is likewise at a loss to explain it, but suspects that this experience does not hail from the Source. Suspecting Darkseid's involvement, Takion flies off to locate him. He discovers that the Apokolips half of their merged planet is utterly empty except for the Hunger Dogs. Not even Darkseid's elite are anywhere to be found.

Back on Earth, Superman communicates with Doctor Kitty Faulkner of S.T.A.R. Labs. Faulkner links the mysterious power fluctuations to an instability in the Kurtzberg field. She theorizes that such a sharp decline in the field could only have been caused by a front of radiation that passed over the Earth over 40,000 years ago and again less then 1,000 years ago.

While the JLA and an additional assemblage of heroes confer with one another at the Watchtower, an alien armada approaches Earth.


  • Genesis is a four-issue limited series published on a weekly shipping schedule.


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