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Genesis Vol 1 3


Genesis Vol 1 3

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"Event Horizon": Teleported by Kindred Marx of the Ravers, a selected group of superheroes travels to the Source Wall where they immediately encounter Darkseid. Darkseid tells them how the Godwave has already passed through the Source Wall. O

Quote1 To attain my goals, I would sweep away a billion times that number. I would crush the very universe, to see it remade in my image! Quote2
-- Darkseid

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Synopsis for "Event Horizon"

Teleported by Kindred Marx of the Ravers, a selected group of superheroes travels to the Source Wall where they immediately encounter Darkseid. Darkseid tells them how the Godwave has already passed through the Source Wall. Once it reaches the center of the Source, the universe will be destroyed and a new one will be created. Of course, Darkseid wants to harness all that power for himself.

Having said this, Darkseid leaves to let his army fight the heroes. Takion assembles a smaller group of them to actually enter The Source to execute Highfather's original plan.

The importance of the event has also attracted Spectre who pays Darkseid a visit. He warns him not to enter the Source. But the villain ignores him and, thus, Spectre choses to enter the Source himself. Then, Darkseid gets another visitor who calls himself the opposite of Arzaz and offers his support to help Darkseid, but clearly intending to keep the universe intact as long as possible. During that conversation, the Source emits a huge surge which increases the chaos on Earth and other planets even more with the dread, world-ending feelings of the people reaching another high. After that, the heroes who entered the Source are ejected shortly before the Source Wall collapses ...


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