Geoff Johns was able to avoid using his powers while playing for the Smallville Crows, but college football was more competitive and he started using his powers. Geoff found himself under more intense scrutiny at Met U and started paying other students for urine samples to hide his secret. When his fellow player Coop found out, Geoff killed him.

Geoff returned to Smallville to recruit Clark Kent to come to Met U to play for the team, but Clark quickly realized Geoff was hiding something. He paralyzed and kidnapped Lois Lane and tried to kill her by drowning her in the sewers, but was stopped by Clark Kent.


  • He can paralyze others simply by touching them. He could control the degree of paralysis, from a few seconds to much longer. This power apparently affects only the motor nerves, leaving autonomic functions like breathing and heartbeat still functional.
  • Geoff Johns was played by Chris Carmack.
  • This character was named after the DC Comics writer Geoff Johns.



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