Max Taylor was the Editor of the Daily Planet. When Chloe Sullivan refused to provide Lionel Luthor with additional information, he had her column canceled, and she was fired. As Chloe packed up her desk, she asked him to look over some stories she wrote, but Max remarked that she must have enemies in high places to get blacklisted while still in high school, and he was unable to print anything she had written. However, he agreed to possibly publish Chloe's works under a pseudonym Lois Lane. Chloe then realized that someone was targeting her due to her scathing article on Dr. Lawrence Garner and called Max to warn him. However, his assistant received a hypnotic email from Gardner's patient, Molly Griggs, and killed him by stabbing Max in the ear with a pencil.

  • He is the Smallville-Version of the DC-Comic character George Taylor.



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