Following a somewhat impoverished childhood, Tweedle attempted to make his way in the world as an adult by seeking employment as a salesman. After being hired by an unspecified insurance company in Fawcett City, IN, Tweedle was told by his employers to push fire insurance policies to the customers. However, he found that his salesmanship tactics were unsuccessful, and in desperation, he turned to extortion to meet his quotas.

Displaying some previously unknown capability as a chemist, Tweedle created a potion that worked in much the same way as the legendary formula that transformed literature's Dr. Jekyll into the evil Mr. Hyde. The potion, when ingested, made Tweedle taller, heavier and younger-appearing…and also gave him the temporary metahuman ability to start fires with a mere touch. A corona of flames surrounded his body during these transformations. Using this power, Tweedle began to threaten his potential customers that the Arson Fiend might come after them and cause massive losses if they didn't have his company's fire insurance. Those who bought the policies were spared; those who still refused found their businesses and homes reduced to cinders shortly thereafter. Nor was Tweedle the least bit squeamish as to whether or not anyone was inside the buildings when he set them afire.

Tweedle was soon targeted for capture by the heroic Captain Marvel, who had a showdown with Tweedle atop an oil tanker. The Arson Fiend's flames caused the tanker to explode; Capt. Marvel survived, but it appeared that Tweedle had not, for his badly charred body was found sometime later.


  • Pyrokinesis: Can generate and start fires with a touch. These fires can rain out from his mouth as well as his hands, allowing him to almost explode with fire if he wished.


Vulnerability to External Fire: He is not immune to any fire but his own. Such was shown when the oil tanker he fought upon exploded and ended his life.



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