Quote1 Ah. My old friend, Captain Marvel! I expected you would show up. Quote2
-- Arson Fiend src

A day came when the hospital was losing some of its funding, and the facility was taken over by the unscrupulous Ebeneezer Batson, who callously ordered that Tweedle be taken off of life support unless some family member was willing to continue paying for his care. At this point, Tweedle was approached by Blaze, the demonic daughter of the wizard Shazam, who offered to restore his power if Tweedle would fight Capt. Marvel on her behalf. Tweedle was only too happy to agree, and through Blaze's magic, his burn injuries were erased and his powers were restored without his having to use his original potion. Thus it was that the Arson Fiend returned to become a recurring menace for Capt. Marvel and the other members of the Marvel Family.

Currently, Tweedle is in prison, having been captured by the heroine Mary Marvel following their last battle.

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  • Pyrokinesis: Can generate and start fires with a touch. These fires can rain out from his mouth as well as his hands, allowing him to almost explode with fire if he wished. As such he is also immune to any of his own fire as well as any fire in the immediate area.[1]



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