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Ghost Fox Killer is a female emissary from the hidden colony of the Ghost Fox Women, tasked with killing evil men. She apparently could control the ghosts of men she had killed. She needs to harvest these evil souls in order to keep the land of the Ghost Fox Women, which exists in the subtle realms between life and death, stable - without them it would crumble and fade into the ether.[1]

Ghost Fox Killer's domain is Hong Kong, where she preys on the local Triad gangsters. She keeps several spies, such as Ling Enlai.

Ghost Fox Killer is in love with August General in Iron, who is the only person that is immune to her fatal touch. She serves the Great Ten mainly out of loyalty to him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Fatal Touch: Ghost Fox Killer can instantly kill a normal human being by simply touching them. August General in Iron is immune to this power due to his bio-metallic skin.
  • Necromancy: Ghost Fox Killer can control the spirits of the evil men she kills.



  • The jade Guardian Lion statue she is sometimes seen with is actually alive.


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