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The Gil'Dishpan are a race renowned for their diplomats. Their relative disinterest in the lives of oxygen breathers has made them oddly suited to be neutral peacemakers. The Gil'Dishpan live in galaxy O-749 on a gas giant.[1]

Some in the 30th-31st century may judge the Gil'Dishpan as a whole as sinister due to the actions of criminals such as Zymyr, Hywyndr and Ebb but Yeasmyr is one of the universe's greatest diplomats[1] while Wyrsm'r is one of the top analysts for the United Planets Council.[2]. In the Post-Zero Hour continuity Ar'dn and Ar'by colluded with the Dark Circle to assassinate United Planets president R.J. Brande but failed.[3] Another of the race became a villainous Water Elemental.[4]

The Gil'Dishpan live in a world with a vast methane ocean also inhabited by the Hykraians.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Methane
Gravity: Presumably heavier than earth
Atmosphere: Methane


Representatives: * Zyrmyr


  • In the Post-Zero Hour continuity the Gil'Dishpan are called the Gil'Dan. A Gil'Dan named Ar'by mistranslated their name into interlac as Gil'Dishpan which has served as an annoyance for the rest of his race.[3]


  • The Gil'Dishpan made contact with the human race in 2753 A. D.[1]

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