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Commissioner Loeb was a corrupt official in the GCPD when Batman began his career. He had heavy ties to the Falcone
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Gillian Loeb was Commissioner of the GCPD when James Gordon and the Batman first arrived in Gotham City. He was thoroughly corrupt and found Gordon's honesty troubling for his operations. Initially, Loeb did not have any real problems with Batman, believing him to be a simple street vigilante. However, he attempted to launch a full-scale police war against Batman when Batman attacked his residence during a dinner party with his criminal and political contacts, and publicly announced that he fully intended to bring them all down as well. However, the vigilante proved frustratingly elusive until an impromptu rescue on the street led to him being cornered in an abandoned building. Although the situation already seemed hopeless for the Batman when the police surrounded the building, Loeb also ordered it firebombed before he sent in his SWAT strike teams. Batman still escaped, much to Loeb's aggravation.

Eventually, Batman's investigations and devastating information unearthed by District Attorney Harvey Dent's prosecution of one of his lackeys, Officer Arnold Flass, forced Loeb to resign. Gordon would eventually replace him as Commissioner.

A short time later, during the events of "Dark Victory," Loeb was killed by "The Hangman" for being a known assosciate of Harvey Dent.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Political Influence, that of the police commissioner of a large urban city.


  • Commissioner Loeb appears in the 2005 feature film Batman Begins, played by English actor Colin McFarlane. The character is African-American and there is no direct indication that he is corrupt, although this version is also at odds with Batman, considering him a dangerous vigilante and launcing a police task force to arrest him. Many fans believe that this portrayal is more akin to the Commissioner in the comic series at the time, Commissioner Akins, due to McFarlane's ethnicity, appearance and manner.
  • Frank Miller has stated that Commissioner Loeb's name had nothing to do with fellow writer "Jeph Loeb," despite the common assumption.

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