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Gim Allon aka Leviathan is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who can increase his size and strength to gigantic levels. Gim Allon was born on Mars into a typical Jewish family who had emigrated from Earth.

As a young man, Gim enrolled to become a member of the Science Police. While on vacation on Mars with fellow cadet Gigi Cusimano, a strange meteor crashed into the soil near him. The meteor's radiation altered his body's molecules, giving him the power to grow to giant sizes at will. He then graduated and became a full fledged officer of the Science Police.

Gim was actually reluctant to be pulled from duty to become Mars' official draftee into the new Legion. Due to his Science Police training, he was named Legion leader much to the annoyance of found Cosmic Boy.

On his first mission with Kid Quantum his fellow Legionnaire was killed by the villain Tangleweb. Gim then decided to resign as leader, but Cosmic Boy, tried to stop him from quiting the team. He eventually apprehended the villain and brought him to justice.

He had a crush on teammate Kinetix, much to the dismay of Shrinking Violet who in this reality had an unrequited crush on Gim. He was tough on the Legionnaire Star Boy, drafted from Xanthu, mainly out of guilt of what happened to the last draftee from there.

During a battle with Dr. Regulus early in the Legion's second year, Leviathan uprooted a dangerous gas main and blasted it point blank at Regulus to stop him.

The ensuing radiation killed Dr. Regulus but also Gim as well. He last words to Shrinking Violet was that dying in the line of duty had always been his heart's desire. He was buried on Mars at a traditional Jewish service.

After his death Gim's younger sister Driana Allon joined an organization called the Ringers in order to be a hero.


  • Size Alteration: Gim Allon can increase his size and strength. While not in the same class as Superboy or Mon-El, he is nevertheless one of the Legion's strongest members.

Strength level

Gim has the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. At giant size, Gim 's strength varies according to the height he achieves: at 10 feet tall, he can lift (press) 1000 pounds, at 25 feet tall he can lift 10 tons. The higher he grows past 25 feet, the more of his strength he had to use simply to support his own enormous mass.




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