Gina was a personal assistant of Lex Luthor and helped him with his legal problems after the "death" of Lana Lang. She also prepared a helicopter for leaving the country, espacing from the authorities. Later, Gina searched for leads to learn mor about the past of Kara Kent, but just finding apparently her false back-story, created by Chloe Sullivan. After Lex murdered his father Lionel Luthor, Gina telling him that Lionel was a bad man and that the world was better without him. She found out that there was a photo showing Lex shove Lionel through his office window. While trying to find the photo, Gina shot Lois Lane, and used a gun to force Lois and Jimmy Olsen into a walk-in freezer in the Daily Planet. She also knocked Chloe Sullivan unconscious and deleted the photo on the Isis Foundation servers showing that Lex had murdered his father.

Gina later overheard Chloe talking to Clark Kent and saw Clark using his super speed, realizing that he was "The Traveler." Before she could tell Lex, an unidentified male assailant attacked and paralyzed her with some sort of inhaler, which also killed her. This assailant was later revealed to be a henchman of Edward Teague, the last surviving member of Veritas.

  • Gina was played by Anna Galvin.



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