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Gingold is a soft drink whose main flavoring comes from the rare Gingo fruit. Although the Gingo fruit is edible, a large number of people are allergic to it in high doses. Gingold is popular amongst Indian rubber men who feel that it enhances their physical elasticity, allowing them to contort their bodies into various positions. Many years ago, a junior detective named Ralph Dibny, trying to discern the secret of these performers' abilities, distilled the essence of the fruit and drank it. Fortunately, Ralph's body did not suffer any poisonous effects. Instead, the concentrate permanently altered his body chemistry giving him the ability to stretch any part of his anatomy into nearly any shape his mind could imagine.

The pliancy of Gingold abstract has been found to have other uses as well. Using notes taken from Gotham City criminal Bart Magan, scientist Aristotle Rodor developed a Gingold-based synthetic polymer known as Pseudoderm. Pseudoderm is the substance that the Question uses when crafting his elaborate masks.


  • Oral consumption of Gingold can grant one the abilities of super-elasticity, however, this is not a guaranteed effect and can just as easily lead to death.


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