Quote1 I only want you to be well, so we can marry and live a normal life! Quote2
-- Glenda Mark src

Glenda Mark was romantically involved with the wealthy eccentric Bruce Wayne in Gotham City. Unbeknownst to either of them, he was a human cage for the evil bat-demon Etrigan who went on rampages at night. Glenda worked to find a cure for Bruce's fake "allergy to moonlight," a lie created by Merlin posing as Wayne's butler Alfred to protect him from the truth. This lead her to the apothecary Poison Ivy, who weakened Etrigan and was killed for it. Glenda was disturbed that her research showed no record of Bruce Wayne's parents, and every portrait of his ancestors looked identical to Bruce. Bruce eventually learned that he had been caging Etrigan for a thousand years, with Merlin wiping his memory every time he learned the truth. Etrigan's rampages were normally tempered by Bruce's virtue, but this no longer happens when Bruce is aware of Etrigan. Etrigan threatens to kill Glenda, and Bruce has his memory wiped to protect her. Despite this, Glenda still dies and Bruce has no memory of ever loving her.[1]

  • Glenda Mark is traditionally seen as a love interest to Jason Blood, the host of Etrigan in mainstream continuity. The "Tragedy" universe replaces Jason Blood with Bruce Wayne, so she is involved with him instead.



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