Quote1 We'll have to let nature decide. Quote2
-- Gloria src

Gloria was an alien from a plant world. She was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for overtaking other planets with her vegetation, until she was inadvertently released by Clark Kent.

Posing as a beautiful park ranger, Gloria used her powers in Smallville to store her seeds in human males. She lured men into the woods and killed their girlfriends. Gloria used Jimmy Olsen as one of her suitors and attacked Clark with her powers. When she went to find a suitor at the charity ball at the Luthor Mansion, she was confronted by Clark in the greenhouse. Gloria managed to overpower him and proceeded to strangle him with numerous vines, but Clark used his heat vision to set off the sprinkler system and short out the heat lamps, which vaporized Gloria.


  • Chlorokinesis: Gloria had the unique ability to manipulate and control all sorts of plant life with her mind.
  • Superhuman Strength: Gloria was extremely strong and powerful, enabling her to overpower humans, including metahumans, and was even able to stun Clark with her powers.




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