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Gnill Opril alias Kid Psycho hales from the planet Hajor. Before his birth, his parents were astronauts on his home planet, and were charged with killing a space monster that threatened their space program. In the process the two were exposed to radiation that caused their son Gnill to be born with an abnormally large head, and was gifted with mental powers. He would use his powers to aid his planet. However, when he could not prevent his planets destruction by an wandering planet, his parents managed to send him away in a ship before his worlds destruction.
The sole survivor of his race, Gnill attempted to join the Legion of Super-Heroes as Kid Psycho. However, the Legion's evaluations of Kid Psycho found that whenever he used his powers it would take a year off his life. As a result the Legion would decline his membership without telling him why. However, traveling to the 20th Century to seek the aid of Superboy to learn the reason why his membership was rejected. This would lead to the Legion reconsidering their decision and accepting Kid Psycho as a reserve member of the Legion to be used as a secret weapon when needed.
After helping the Legion on a number of mission, Kid Psycho would meet his demise when trying to protect people from the antimatter wave caused by the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths and was erased from existence by it.

To date, Kid Psycho is one of the many casualties of the original Crisis to not be "reborn" in any incarnation of the Multiverse.


The use of which shortens his life expectancy by one year.



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