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Created from the mud of Louisiana swamps, the elemental being known as the Golem is a lumbering force of nature who wants nothing more than to live life as a human. In his early career he fought alongside the hero Ragman, and then lived with a good-hearted Louisiana woman named Jean Lizotte. When Jean died, Golem was blamed for her death and he fled through the swamps until a mystical summoning spell teleported him out of the reach of the pursuing police. His rescuer Maltis appointed Golem as a new member of the Leymen.

Damaged and destroyed several times during his adventures, Golem easily fixed himself by shaping new body parts out of dirt. He is vulnerable to water but can always re-form himself once he dries out. Since "Golem" merely describes an artificial creature common in Jewish folklore, Golem has long desired a name of his own. His most recent wish is that others refer to him as "Paul".




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