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The Gordanians are a race of intergalactic slavers who originate from the Vega star system. They hail from the Gordane continent on the planet Karna. They are known allies with the Citadel and the Warlords of Okaara. Sometime before 5708 B.C., they switched alliances, abandoning the Citadel and allying themselves with the Psion Monarchy.

Years before the Citadel War, the Citadelians made a pact with the pacifists of Changralyn, insuring that they would protect their world from other would-be invaders in exchange for a percentage of their newborn infants. Once per Changralynian mating season, a squad of Gordanians would arrive on the planet to collect their tithe, whereupon the infants were raised as slaves to the Citadel. One Changralynian, Charis-Nar, rebelled against the treaty and slaughtered several Gordanians, who attempted to enslave his son.

The Gordanians have also forged alliances with other intergalactic despots such as the Tamaranean Blackfire. Under the command of fleet commander Trogaar, the Gordanians captured Blackfire's sister, the Princess of Tamaran, Koriand'r, and kept her enslaved for over six years.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


Gordanians are master trackers and hunters.

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Gordanians are cold-blooded creatures, and as such thrive in environments with high humidity levels.
Gravity: Earth-like
Atmosphere: Earth-like
Population: Well into the Millions


Type of Government: Heirachy
Level of Technology: Advanced

Gordanian Slave Ship
The Gordanians use small ships in the use of their trade. The slave ships include a three man crew and are equipped with a prison hold for the transport of new slaves. The ships are ideal for atmospheric travel, but also have short-range interstellar capabilities.
  • Star-Gliders
    Cultural Traits: Gordanians are fierce and strong fighters whose entire society has been dedicated to the study of warfare.
    Representatives: * Trogaar
  • Weezak

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