Gordon Godfrey was a washed up radio jockey finishes his latest broadcast that has a small following concerning illegal immigration. The Dark force of immense power, finds Godfrey as a suitable vessel to inhabit to spread his message of mistrust to cause the citizens to lose faith in their Heroes. While on her first day at the Daily Planet, Cat Grant was listening to Godfrey's rants over the radio about the how the vigilantes of Metropolis are a menace to society. Cat, it seems takes Godfrey's views to heart, parroting him to Clark Kent, about how costumed heroes are immoral beings who go against the natural order of things.

Sometime later, Gordon held a press conference in downtown Metropolis where he was praised by the public for taken a stand against the Masked Vigilantes in his new book. When Godfrey started to bash the Heroes including the Blur Lois Lane got upset and she intended to defend the Blur by heading to the platform to speak just as Godfrey unveiled his anti-Hero billboard that fell and began to plummet bellow on the crowd. The billboard was caught in mid air by Kara Kent who flew upwards. Hours later, Lois confronted Godfrey at a church and warned him that she would not stand by and let him take cheap shots at heroes of Metropolis but Godfrey insisted that Kara risked people's lives and he had some people investigating her and the other so-called heroes. He also informed her that one of his sources has learned that her ex-boyfriend Oliver Queen is Green Arrow, and Godfrey plans to announce it in the final installment of his new book tomorrow.

Inside a limousine, Godfrey met with his female publicist, and he informed her that he has the only known copy of the final chapter of his book on a flash drive. He refuses to let her see it, and tells her to make sure that he was on every television network, computer, and newspaper so he can spread his seed of doubt across the entire world, eradicating mankind's faith in one another and in its so-called heroes, so they will be in so much disarray, that they will easily be looking for a new voice of reasoning to follow then. Godfrey contemplates a brochure for a fetish club, known as Club Desaad, and tells his Limo driver to take him there, unaware that Lois is disguised as his driver. Lois follows Godfrey into Club Desaad, where she disguises herself as a fellow Dominatrix working at the club and captures self incriminating evidence against Godfrey indulging in erotic activities which she sends to a publish at the Metropolis Inquisitor via her camera cell phone. Godfrey is impressed by the great lengths Lois is willing to go to protect her loved ones. He offers her a trade to give her the evidence against Oliver so she can get a headline. Lois refuses and transmits the photos to the newspaper. Godfrey then breaks free from restraints and his voice changes to a darker tone as he approaches Lois intending to posses her body until he realizes that Lois is pure of heart. Lois grabs a stun gun but Godfrey easily subdues her and his eyes turned black. Meanwhile Clark and Kara arrive at the Watchtower and they realize from a video where Gordon Godfrey appears that he is possessed by the darkness. Inside a chamber in the club, Lois awakens to find herself bound and gagged and the darkness in Godfrey explains that her suffering will bring the Blur to him. He uses a winch to pull her bonds in different directions attempting to kill her by pulling her body apart with the ropes holding her captive. Clark finds the possessed Godfrey in the back. The darkness controlling Godfrey warns that Lois is in over her head and has served her purpose in luring Clark to him, and he asks Clark if he think he can actually win against him. The dark force emerges from Godfrey and approaches Clark, but Kara arrives and uses her bracelet to drive it away.

Sometimes later Gordon, Desaad, and Granny Goodness made their roles known on Earth. Gordon is the third to be recruited to Darkseid's Elite. Gordon's role is to break the human spirit.

When Apokolips descended to Earth, he, Granny Goodness and Desaad had meeting with the corrupted Oliver Queen. They gave him a Gold Kryptonite ring so he could remove Clark's powers, leaving no one to stop Darkseid, but, unknown to them, Clark managed to remove Oliver's Omega symbol. As the final moments of Apopkolips' rapture approached, Oliver appeared to the prophets, now cleaned of their influence. Godfrey was shocked by this and the three tried to kill him though before they could, Oliver used his arrows to destroy them all.



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