One Valentine's Day in Jump City, the Teen Titans try to catch the villain the Puppet King.

However, in their chase, they end up losing the puppet and are thrown into a Valentine's Day decorations store. The manager of the store is not pleased seeing his roof broken by the heroes. He tells his janitor, who's nametag says "Goth," to clean it all up. Goth overhears Raven and Starfire's conversation about how stupid Valentine's Day is and he joins in, sharing Raven's pessimistic views. Raven and Goth immediately hit it off.

Goth brings Raven to the arcade for their first date. When Robin tries to find Starfire in the same arcade, they pass (but do not notice) Raven and Goth playing a laser blasting game together.

Later, the Titans again collide with Raven on her date. She is embarressed to show her friends how hypocritical she was on Valentine's Day, but they see Goth holding flowers in his hand behind her. He is embarressed as well. Starfire congratulates Raven for getting a boyfriend. [1]

New Teen Titans (Shorts)

Goth makes his first television appearance in the shorts series New Teen Titans. He and Raven go out on a very interesting date, both showing absolutely no emotion the entire time. After the night is over, Goth asks Raven out again, proving they are dating. [2]