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Gotham Central Vol 1 13


Gotham Central Vol 1 13

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"Soft Targets, Part Two of Four": The sniper takes several shots at Probson and Stacy. Batman spreads his cape open to hide them as he pushes them back through the door into GCPD headquarters.

Quote1 It'll be nice to have at least one reporter on our side. Quote2
-- Michael Akins

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Synopsis for "Soft Targets, Part Two of Four"

The sniper takes several shots at Probson and Stacy. Batman spreads his cape open to hide them as he pushes them back through the door into GCPD headquarters.

Mike Akins arrives back at the office, furious at Probson. Probson is in shock and receives an earful from Jackson Davies about putting a civilian, Stacy, in the line of fire. Probson tells them it was Joker.

Crispus Allen and Josie MacDonald walk into GCPD as they are hounded by reporters. Once inside, Simon tells them he received an email from the "Jokes on You Campaign."

Marcus Driver is at the hospital with Nora. He receives a call from Romy Chandler and tells her he hasn't been going out with Nora every Wednesday like he used to. He tells her that he didn't want to bring Romy around because Nora knows a lot of cops. She tells him they are trying to keep their romance a secret.

Andi Kasinsky argues with her ex-husband on the phone about who's taking the kids for the weekend.

Driver heads to the locker room to change his shirt which still has Nora's blood on it. He walks in as Nate Patton makes a crude joke about the Field's luck. Driver looses it and starts beating Patton. The fight is broken up and a reference is made about Driver potentially taking some anger out because of Romy Chandler. At the same time, Romy walks in and hears the comments.

Probson smokes a cigaratte and apologizes to Stacy for putting her into danger with the sniper.[1]

They hack into Interpool computers to get a lead on who sold the gun. The Joker hacks the police headquarters and shows them webcams with a countdown timer


  • This book was first published on November 12, 2003.
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