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"Unresolved, Part Four": Josie MacDonald, Nelson Crowe, and Jackson Davies discuss the Hatter shooting. Davies and Crowe show concern when they mention Jim Corrigan i

Quote1 Corrigan? We better get up there. Quote2
-- Sergeant Davies

Appearing in "Unresolved, Part Four"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Connie Littleton
  • Ella Littleton




Synopsis for "Unresolved, Part Four"

Josie MacDonald, Nelson Crowe, and Jackson Davies discuss the Hatter shooting.[1] Davies and Crowe show concern when they mention Jim Corrigan is investigating the cell. He's had a history of evidence going missing and it turning up being sold on the black market.

Marcus Driver is in the cell with Corrigan when Corrigan finds a flushed cell phone in the toilet. He warns Driver that the circuits are fried and they probably won't get any good intel from it.

At the station, Josie defends Corrigan to Driver. Driver becomes suspicious of Josie's defense and asks if they are romantically involved. Connie Littleton stops by the GCPD unannounced and says she wants to report her mother. Connie tells the officers she had told her mother she was raped by the boys when she was younger because she had become president and didn't want her overprotective mother to think she's a whore.

Harvey Bullock fills a gun as he thinks back to the night he walked in on the baseball team massacre. He also remembers talking to Renée Montoya about the Jim Gordon shooting and deciding to take actions into his own hands.

When Driver arrests Connie's mother, he is scratched in the face. They find one of Mad Hatter's hats in her room. They get a call that Harvey has gone over the deep end and has shot several of Penguin's men and was holding Penguin hostage on the roof. Driver goes to talk Harvey down. Harvey starts to consider shooting himself in the face when Josie distracts him and Drivers takes the gun from him and places Harvey under arrest. Harvey admits he didn't want to give up on the case.

After weeks of being non-responsive, Romy Chandler finally contacts Driver and asks him to spend time with him. She tells Driver how Nate Patton's parents pulled the plug on him and that she had stopped by Angie Molina's book signing to talk to her. She said she'll never know what happened in the explosion and why Batman saved Angie and not Nate.[2]


  • This book was first published on August 11, 2004.
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