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"Lights Out": Commissioner Mike Akins hires a company to remove the Bat Signal quickly, and quietly. Only three men show up from the company as Aikens was short in his description of the job.

Quote1 He's not the bad guy, Captain. We know who the bad guys are, and he's not one of them. Quote2
-- Stacy

Appearing in "Lights Out"

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Synopsis for "Lights Out"

Commissioner Mike Akins hires a company to remove the Bat Signal quickly, and quietly. Only three men show up from the company as Aikens was short in his description of the job.

Detectives Dagmar Procjnow, Burke, Renée Montoya, and Crispus Allen discuss the Bat Signal being removed. Allen sides that Batman is a freak and the police shouldn't side with him. Since Batman is a law-breaker, the people would loose trust, what little they had, in GCPD if they worked with a law-breaker. Allen callously refers to the loss of several police officers' lives and Montoya leaves the room angry.

Captain Maggie Sawyer is approached by reporter Simon. Sawyer gives an off the record comment that Batman screwed them due to gang war mistakes and loss of civilian and police lives.

When Stacy heads to the roof for lunch, she's verbally abused by the workers and leaves the roof without saying a word.

Mayor David Hull pulls Aikens into a room and is furious that the Bat Signal was removed without his vote or authority. He orders Aikens to keep the Bat Signal and Aikens refuses even up on threat of losing his job. Aikens reminds the mayor of an active investigation of a Lexcorp sponsored trip to the Cayman Islands and new home there. The Mayor drops the issue.

The understaffed contractors drop the Bat Signal breaking it on the roof of the GCPD.

In a courthouse waiting room, Renee and Allen discuss Batman and she recalls how he saved her life when she was 17. She explains Allen wouldn't understand since he didn't grow up in Gotham City. Allen is called onto the stand to discuss what happened withBlack Spider.[1]

Sawyer finds Stacy on the roof and asks her to stop coming up here now that the signal is down. Stacy says he's not the bad-guy and Captain replies, "I know".

Batman surprises Aikens in the parking lot on his way out from work. Aikens tells him he didn't make a mistake and that Batman should stay out of the police's way, if he does get in the way, he'll be arrested and destroyed. Batman replies that they won't keep him from doing what he needs to do.


  • This book was first published on November 10, 2004.
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