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Gotham Central Vol 1 27

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"On the Freak Beat, Part Two of Two": Josie MacDonald explains to Catwoman that she believes there's a leak, or potentially someone is attempting to frame her. Catwoman blackmails her and claims she will tell the police about her "f

Quote1 Look, forgive me if I don't have a lot of faith in cops. They're just usually trying to shoot me. Quote2
-- Selina Kyle

Appearing in "On the Freak Beat, Part Two of Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Graham McMillan

Other Characters:

  • Angie
  • Trina


Synopsis for "On the Freak Beat, Part Two of Two"

Josie MacDonald explains to Catwoman that she believes there's a leak, or potentially someone is attempting to frame her. Catwoman blackmails her and claims she will tell the police about her "freak" powers if Josie Mac tells anyone about Catwoman having been at the apartment earlier that night. Josie wants to know why Catwoman was there but she won't say.

At the station, Driver confirms that scratches on his face where there hours before his time of death. This helps push the story that Catwoman didn't do the murder. Josie gets a call from Slam Bradley.

Josie gets pictures of the Reverend participating in S&M sexual activities. Catwoman has a hard drive full of this type of evidence but wants to hold onto it for insurance purposes. Reverend had some crooked real estate deal in the East End she wanted him to drop.

At the station, Marcus Driver and Josie Mac discuss who would want the reverend dead so his secret didn't spill out.

Josie goes to visit Simon. She says she'll exchange some photos if he tells her if Simon's source is a man or woman. He tells her it's a man.

Driver and Josie trail McMillan to a sex club. Before they get upstairs to talk to him, Catwoman gets to him. He comes screaming down the stairs in fear and claiming he will tell them everything and that he confesses to the murder.

At the police station, McMillan tells them he went over to talk to Buford but he had already lost it. He was going to shoot McMillan claiming he ruined his life for getting into S&M and that's when McMillan wrestled the gun away from him and shot him in self-defense.

Josie Mac heads upstairs for coffee and Catwoman drops in unannounced. She asks if McMillan confessed and Josie Mac says the whip marks around his neck didn't hurt. As Catwoman leaves, she tells her that she won't tell anyone about her psychic power secret. But she says it only hurts the person who keeps the secret. Josie Mac makes a call to Driver and says she wants to talk with him over breakfast in the morning.


  • This book was first published on January 12, 2005.
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