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"Motive, Part One": Josh Azeveda and Jackson Davies discuss recent busts. Davies tells him he doesn't think the evil guys are trying to be evil. He says the bad guys believe what they're doing is truly "right". He compares a recent rape

Quote1 Who would want to kill you Bonnie? Who would do a thing like that? Quote2
-- Marcus Driver

Appearing in "Motive, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mrs Combs (First appearance)
  • Mr and Mrs Lewis (Single appearance)


* Gotham City Police Headquarters



Synopsis for "Motive, Part One"

Josh Azeveda and Jackson Davies discuss recent busts. Davies tells him he doesn't think the evil guys are trying to be evil. He says the bad guys believe what they're doing is truly "right". He compares a recent rape case where they busted a Dad showing his love to his daughter.

Ron Probson meets with Marcus Driver and thinks he should take personal time off from his Mister Freeze encounter.[1] He partners Driver up with Romy Chandler to finish looking into the murder of Bonnie Lewis, originally reported as a missing persons case. Davies is partnered with Nate Patton to pursue the activities of an arsonist, potentially a re-appearance of Firebug as reported in the morning newspaper.

At the Lewis case scene, Chandler is reading through the file trying to catch up on the work Fields had done. They discuss how the fax was sent at noon. Later they find the morgue report stating she had died sometime late Thursday to Friday morning. The cause of death was a blunt hit to the back of the head. They change the case to a potential intended murder and the ransom might have just been a distraction. The parents say she took the same path through the park each night. The officers ask if she had any bullies and the parents report on a few boys. They also get a yearbook and diary from them that Bonnie kept. The Dad surprisingly didn't know about the diaries or bullies. The detectives eyes found this odd as they left.

Driver and Chandler head to the Combs house where she babysat. The father, Harlan Combs, becomes irate that the police keep asking questions. He tells them she'd pass a homeless guy in the park each night and they didn't think it was weird that a 14 year-old girl walked through the park at night by herself.

Driver and Chandler scope out the park that night waiting to see if this homeless guy ever shows up. They discuss how the Combs are the last people to ever see Bonnie Lewis alive and they don't seem too shook up about it. They are suddenly interrupted with an alleged Firebug fire bombing. They head to the location which is two blocks away and Sergeant Davies is burnt and looses the perpetrator. Driver asks if anyone is still inside as he'll brave the fire to save them. Suddenly Batman busts out from a window with a victim. He tells them that's the last of the people as he jumps away. Driver watches in disbelief as Batman did his job for him twice now.

Driver heads back to his car and stares at the photos of Bonnie Lewis in her yearbook and asks himself, 'who would want to kill you Bonnie?'


  • This book was first published on January 29, 2003.
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