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Gotham Central Vol 1 35

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"Dead Robin, Part 3": Marcus Driver talks with Romy Chandler about her hatred for Batman. He tells her that he got over disliking him after his partner died, she needs to as well. Sergeant [[Jackson Davies (New

Quote1 I never hated him. I just hated... I guess I hated that we needed him. Quote2
-- Marcus Driver

Appearing in "Dead Robin, Part 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Batman
  • Mrs. Benjamin
  • Scott Benjamin (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Mr. Gerard
  • Felix Swack



Synopsis for "Dead Robin, Part 3"

Marcus Driver talks with Romy Chandler about her hatred for Batman. He tells her that he got over disliking him after his partner died, she needs to as well.[1] Sergeant Jackson Davies interrupts them to tell them another "Robin" body has been found.

At the dock, it's discovered another body was dumped wearing the Robin costume in a path that was meant to be discovered. The news show up almost instantly which makes the police wonder who leaked the body.

At a preliminary press conference, Captain Maggie Sawyer has Simon escorted out by a police officer.

At a diner, Simon is wrapping up a call about getting information on the second Robin body. He runs into Jack Dunning.

Police find out the kid is Scott Benjamin, who was the poster boy for Mighty Mints (tagline: Dude, it's your breath) years ago.

Renée Montoya and Crispus Allen meet with Felix Swack, the talent representative for the Shining Eyes talent agency. Felix tells them he knew both dead Robins as young actors for his company. The police have Felix pull a dossier of all boys between 13-18 who worked with his company.

Stacy meets with Robin on the roof and gets Romy Chandler's gun back. When she goes to give the gun to a very busy Romy, she tells her never mind and leaves without returning her gun to her.

Driver and Josie Mac speak with Mrs. Benjamin, the mother of the second dead Robin, and ask to see his room.

Allen is looking at police evidence photo, and the photo on the cover of the Gazette and he realizes they aren't the same photo. He believes the Gazette photo might have been taken by the actual killer.

Driver finds a business card for Simon Lippman and an unmarked calendar event for the day before he died.


  • This book was first published on September 8, 2005.
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