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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Sean Phillips/Cover Artist, Greg Rucka/Writer Kano/Penciler, Stefano Gaudiano/Inker, Lee Loughridge/Colourist, Clem Robins/Letterer, Matt Idelson/Editor, Nachie Castro/Editor, Gotham City Police Department/Appearances, Josh Azeveda (New Earth)/Appearances, Joely Bartlett (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Burke (New Earth)/Appearances, Romy Chandler (New Earth)/Appearances, Eric Cohen (New Earth)/Appearances, Nelson Crowe (New Earth)/Appearances, Jackson Davies (New Earth)/Appearances, Vincent Del Arrazio (New Earth)/Appearances, Marcus Driver (New Earth)/Appearances, Andi Kasinsky (New Earth)/Appearances, Josephine MacDonald (New Earth)/Appearances, Renee Montoya (New Earth)/Appearances, Dagmar Procjnow (New Earth)/Appearances, Margaret Sawyer (New Earth)/Appearances, Takahata (New Earth)/Appearances, Dore Allen (New Earth)/Appearances, Nora Fields (New Earth)/Appearances, Daria Hernandez (New Earth)/Appearances, Stacy (New Earth)/Appearances, James Corrigan II (New Earth)/Appearances, Rebecca Mulcahey (New Earth)/Appearances, Loughridge (New Earth)/Appearances, Clem Robins (New Earth)/Appearances, Crispus Allen (New Earth)/Appearances, Steve Long (New Earth)/Appearances, Comics, 2006, 2006, March, January 4, 2006 (Publication), 2006, January (Publication), Gotham Central Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

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Gotham Central Vol 1 39

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"Corrigan II, Part Two": Daria and Renée Montoya are interrupted at their home when Captain Maggie Sawyer stops by. She informs them that Crispus Allen was murdered the nig

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Synopsis for "Corrigan II, Part Two"

Daria and Renée Montoya are interrupted at their home when Captain Maggie Sawyer stops by. She informs them that Crispus Allen was murdered the night before even though he was wearing a Kevlar vest.[1] When Montoya arrives at the office, she freaks out and blames Corrigan. She knocks papers over and eventually hands a folder over to Marcus Driver. Marcus pulls her aside and explains how he felt when he lost Charlie Fields.[2]

Jim Corrigan returns a Kevlar punching gun to Loughridge and goes over his alibi stories with Rebecca Mulcahey and Clem Robins from ballistics. It's a gun that shoots riffle rounds even though it was hand-held.

Nora Fields is performing an autopsy. She announces to the officers, they should be searching for a rifle. She is challenged that Driver reported seeing powder stippling which implies a pistol was used. Arrazio calls down informing them of a modified glock that can fire those rifle rounds. The rangemaster to checkout these guns in the police force is Loughridge who Driver is moving to bring in for questioning. Loughridge quickly gives up he rented the gun to Corrigan.

Josie thinks they have a case if they can prove the guns were used on Allen and Clem from ballistics can confirm. Montoya says it's too easy and that something is wrong.

Corrigan and his girlfriend are brought to the station for questioning. Corrigan smiles as he walks in.

Dore stops by the station to talk with Montoya.



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