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"Motive, Part Two": Nate Patton is late to meet with Sergeant Jackson Davies. They give Ron Probson an update on the Firebug investigation.

Quote1 I'll send you a post card when I get there, Azeveda Quote2
-- Jackson Davies

Appearing in "Motive, Part Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bonnie Lewis (Flashback only)
  • Mike Sendelbach (Single appearance) (a schoolkid)
  • Brian (Single appearance) (a schoolkid)
  • Mr Yancy (First appearance) (a homeless man)




Synopsis for "Motive, Part Two"

Nate Patton is late to meet with Sergeant Jackson Davies. They give Ron Probson an update on the Firebug investigation.

Romy Chandler and Marcus Driver read over the diary entries of Bonnie Lewis. While vague, they read about boys taunting her They also see a Mrs. K who said she'd tell her other customers. They realized Bonnie wasn't so innocent and might have been mixed up in dealing. They head to a basketball court where the boys, Mike Sendelback and Brian, are playing. When they approach them about Bonnie Lewis, the boys take off. The detectives corner them on the roof and the boys spill the beans. They admit they were after Bonnie because she had picked up a batarang from a fight Robin had at their school earlier that year with Killer Croc.

They follow up to find Mrs. K is Mrs. Kurtzbaum, a neighbor down the street who Bonnie had found some pictures of for blackmail.

Driver and Chandler are walking around the park looking for the alleged homeless man tip. They find a box with clothes and hidden entrance. Suddenly a homeless man attacks them and they subdue him. Suddenly an SUV goes flying by them and Chandler recognizes the driver as Harlan Combs. They both think something is fishy about the guy but are interrupted. Davies tells them he got a hot tip from Harvey Bullock and they're making a move on Firebug. They rush to the scene and when they bust into the room where Firebug is supposed to be, a guy jumps out the window. He breaks several bones from the fall out the window but is alive.


  • This book was first published on February 12, 2003.
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