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Gotham Central Vol 1 5

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"Motive, Part Three": Romy Chandler explains to Marcus Driver that she reached cadet level with the Feds before she left. She explains she hated all the paperwork and finds GCPD work much more exciting. They head to the jail where t

Quote1 Well you know, technically, this is square two, not one. Quote2
-- Romy Chandler

Appearing in "Motive, Part Three"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mrs Combs
  • Mr Yancy



Synopsis for "Motive, Part Three"

Romy Chandler explains to Marcus Driver that she reached cadet level with the Feds before she left. She explains she hated all the paperwork and finds GCPD work much more exciting. They head to the jail where they had put the homeless drunk, Mr Yancy. After questioning him about Bonnie's book they found in his makeshift park house, he says she'd lend him books occasionally. The day after she was murdered, she never showed up to pick her book back up. Some guy came by and tried to set his house on fire. Mr. Yancy also mentions that Bonnie would gripe to him that she hated who she worked for.

Jackson Davies and Nate Patton visit Firebug in the hospital where they grill him about the suit. He says he sold it a while back on some underground auction in Keystone City.* He says he can help the police profile the guy in exchange for dropping charges of selling illegal weapons.

Chandler and Driver visit where they found Bonnie Lewis body. Driver feels like all their leads have hit dead ends and Fields would have started over at square one. Chandler points out this isn't square one, but square two. Square one would have been where she was murdered, somewhere between the Combs house and the park. Driver suddenly realizes something and calls Davies.

Driver walks Harlan Combs in through the station. As he does, the man arrested for Firebug's crimes looks at Harlan and says, 'that is the guy'. Davies calls the D.A. and they say that's good enough for a warrant to look for the suit in the Combs house. They keep Harlan busy in an interrogation room where they ask how much he paid Bonnie. They state they didn't find any money on Bonnie when she left. When they search the Combs house they find the Firebug suit and some marks on a large tank that was probably used to hit Bonnie. Suddenly Harlan's pager goes off. Driver calls out the pager is used to signal when someone snoops in his closet. Harlan looses it and tries to escape but Romy takes him down.

The GCPD decide to celebrate that night. Driver sneaks off to the ceiling and uses the bat-signal even though he could get fired for doing so.[1] He tells Batman that they capture Firebug. He's disappointed Batman isn't more excited. Romy walks upstairs and said it was cute of him to stand up to Batman and they head downstairs to celebrate with the reset of the department.


  • This book was first published on March 12, 2003.
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