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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Jim Calafiore/Cover Artist, Frank Tieri/Writer Jim Calafiore/Penciler, Jack Purcell/Inker, Brian Reber/Colourist, Steve Wands/Letterer, Jeanine Schaefer/Editor, Mike Marts/Editor, Edward Nashton (New Earth)/Quotes, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, Alfred Pennyworth (New Earth)/Appearances, James Gordon (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Grayson (New Earth)/Appearances, Timothy Drake (New Earth)/Appearances, Katherine Kane (New Earth)/Appearances, Alexander Sartorius (New Earth)/Appearances, Hugo Strange (New Earth)/Appearances, Jervis Tetch (New Earth)/Appearances, Robert Langstrom (New Earth)/Appearances, Oswald Cobblepot (New Earth)/Appearances, Edward Nashton (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Crane (New Earth)/Appearances, Harvey Dent (New Earth)/Appearances, Tobias Whale (New Earth)/Appearances, Gotham City Police Department/Appearances, Suicide Squad (New Earth)/Appearances, Bane (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Turner (New Earth)/Appearances, Owen Mercer (New Earth)/Appearances, Floyd Lawton (New Earth)/Appearances, Bette Sans Souci (New Earth)/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, GCPD Headquarters/Appearances, Iceberg Lounge/Appearances, Bat-Signal/Appearances, Comics, 2007, 2007, December, 2007, October (Publication), Gotham Underground Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Gotham Underground Vol 1 1


Gotham Underground Vol 1 1

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""Book One: Kidnappings!"": A group of people hidden in the shadows targets the Man-Bat with their hi-tech gadgetry and take him captive. Talking amongst themselves, they discuss their next target. At Gotham City Police Headquarters, [[James

Quote1 Riddle me this ... what does one have to do to get a decent drink around here? Quote2
-- The Riddler

Appearing in "Book One: Kidnappings!"

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  • GCPD police blimp (Cameo)

Synopsis for "Book One: Kidnappings!"

A group of people hidden in the shadows targets the Man-Bat with their hi-tech gadgetry and take him captive. Talking amongst themselves, they discuss their next target. At Gotham City Police Headquarters, Commissioner Gordon lights the Bat-Signal, but only Robin answers the call. Gordon tells him about the recent upsurge in gang-related violence. Dozens of would-be crime-lords are trying to fill the vacancy created by the death of Black Mask. Meanwhile, Batman infiltrates the Iceberg Lounge in the guise of henchman Matches Malone. He wants to keep an eye on the Penguin's recent activities. He knows that the Penguin is projecting the image of a legitimate businessman, but he suspects that Cobblepot may also be the ringleader behind a super-villain underground railroad. As the Penguin conducts his affairs, Two-Face enters the club and wants in on his underground railroad project. Penguin tells him to meet him later after hours. Elsewhere, Nightwing and Alfred investigate another nightclub where wagers are placed on hero/villain battle outcomes. Nightwing raids the gambling den and takes down all of the goons. He is surprised however by the hi-tech weaponry that these low level thugs now have access to. At Giovanni's Ristorante, the leaders of two of Gotham's more powerful criminal gangs, the Galantes and the Odessas, meet to discuss territory. Their meeting is interrupted by Tobias Whale who announces his intention of taking control of Gotham's underworld. Later, the Penguin holds a meeting with several of Gotham's most notorious villains including Hugo Strange, Two-Face, the Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter. Matches Malone spies on the meeting from behind a darkened alcove. Suddenly, the Suicide Squad bursts into the room and attacks the assemblage of villains. Bane knocks Matches Malone out with a single punch.


  • This issue shipped on October 31st, 2007.
  • Includes DC Nation #84 editorial by Richard Bruning.
  • The events from this issue coincide with events from Countdown #27.


  • The GCPD is the only police department in the DC Universe that uses a police blimp. The GCPD blimp was first utilized in the opening credits of the 1992 Batman animated series. It has made subsequent in-continuity appearances in various Batman titles over the years.

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