Graham Garrett, also known as the Chameleon, was a metahuman assassin. Due to his invisibility, Graham was extremely successful as an assassin and was very wealthy as a result.

When on his way to kill a witness in the courthouse, Graham was about to be hit by a car until Clark Kent jumped in and saved his life. To repay Clark, he gave him a plasma screen TV and admittance to a party he was having. He even invited Lois Lane to join the party as his date. He realized that Clark's ex-girlfriend, Lana Lang had broke up with him and to repay him, he thought he could return her back to him by killing the man she was currently seeing: Lex Luthor. He was also a very good pasta chef, skilled in many pasta culinary techniques. Unfortunately, Lana saw Graham before he could kill Lex and Clark went to stop him when she ID'd him. After Clark confronted Graham about what he was, he spied on him and Chloe Sullivan to learn more about what they knew, such as his vulnerability to Kryptonite. He used that to stop Clark, then went after Lana and Lex. However, Lex, randomly firing off rounds at the invisible man, managed to shoot Graham in the stomach. Graham fired off a bullet at Lex and Lana, but Clark used super speed to stop the bullet and save Lex and Lana without them seeing. Graham died in the hallway of the hospital presumably from blood loss.


  • Invisibility - Graham had the ability to refract light, thus rendering himself invisible. While invisible, he could not be detected by Clark Kent's X-ray vision.


  • Graham Garrett was played by Alex Scarlis.



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