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The man named Grant Morrison (a.k.a. The Writer) could modify the reality by write a story. He was writing about the life of Animal Man - with tragic results, where Buddy's family was brutally killed. Animal Man, after various adventures and a travel by the Limbo, was able to reach Morrison's home, where they discussed the nature of Buddy's existence. Grant explained that he controled every aspect of Animal Man's life, showing him the comics he's written. Buddy became angry, knowing that Grant Morrison was responsible for the death of his family. The writer was remorseless, noting that the drama of the story did the comic more realistic. Grant explained that the real world is far more bleak than the comic book reality, and that he has used the comic as a mouthpiece for his own concerns about animal rights. Eventually, Grant revealed that this was his last issue of Animal Man, and that there would be a new writer soon. Buddy wass incredulous, demanding that Morrison bring back his family. The writer simply commented that the discussion had become boring, and provided Buddy with some villains to fight as a distraction. Buddy was defeated by the villains, while Grant thanked the editors and artists who helped make the book, and named some specific readers who wrote in, and inspired him. Morrison noted that it's only a comic, and Buddy was actually alright. Before leaving, he seemed to have a sudden change of heart about Buddy's family, and as he disappeared from the page, he told Animal Man to forget they ever met. Suddenly, Buddy was in home, his family was alive and well, and he cried tears of joy. [1]

After it, Grant was in a mission with the Suicide Squad by unknown reasons. There he mentioned that once he had wrote about himself as a comic book character then he had been introduced in the continuity, and another person was controlling him. In the middle of war against Circe's army, the Writer was not able to write because a bug in his portable computer, and was killed by one of the beastmen. [2]



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