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Many years ago, the being known only as the Gray Man was a sorcerer who attempted to pierce the barriers separating dimensions. His efforts caught the attention of the Lords of Order, who felt that the man's ambitious aptitudes should be rewarded. As such, they approached the sorcerer and granted him the ability to tap into and collect the ambient dream energy from other human beings who were on the verge of death.

Now known as the Gray Man, he fashioned himself a clone army of "Gray Men" who aided him in collecting dream energy from those about to die. However despite it being meant as a reward The Grey Man thought this duty was a punishment. He began to experience all sensations as muted shades of grey, being trapped in another world without color as his duplicates were able to move freely. He began collecting dream stuff from healthy living humans, thus earning him the attention of Earth's mystic champion Doctor Fate, as well as that of Fate's colleagues, the Justice League.

The Gray Man began stealing dream energy from the townspeople of Stone Ridge, Vermont and found himself in conflict with the entire Justice League (as well as the Creeper). After defeating him, Doctor Fate took the Gray Man to the home dimension of the Lords of Order. The Lords told him that assuming the role of the Gray Man was intended as a high honor, not the punishment that the Gray Man believed it to be. The Gray Man begged them to take away this "honor", and they acquiesced, stripping him of his immortality and removing him from existence. [1]


  • Immortality
  • Energy Absorption: In addition to immortality, the Gray Man has the ability to extract the dream essence from both the living and the dead.
  • Bio-Fission: The Gray Man also has the ability to replicate his own form and create an army of Gray Men - each of whom has the same abilities as their progenitor.



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