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Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol 2 (Collected)


Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol 2 (Collected)

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Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol 2
Cover for the Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol 2 Trade Paperback

This collections of stories was printed as a sequel to The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told. The paperback collects stories with Catwoman and The Penguin in it, the two villains who where in the Batman movie Batman Returns. This paperback came out the same year as that movie (1992).

This trade paperback reprints stories from the following issues:

This paperback also reprints a Catwoman featurette from Batman #256 (June, 1974) and a The Penguin featurette from Batman #257 (August, 1974).

  • The paperback includes an introduction by Martin Pasko with the title Of fowls and felines: fifty years of felony.
  • The paperback also has a foreword by Mike Gold with the title The deadliest duo.
  • After the stories the paperback has end notes by Robert Greenberger.