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Green Arrow: Cross Roads

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Green Arrow: Cross Roads




Green Arrow: Cross Roads is a ten-part story published from 1993-94. It was written by Kevin Dooley, Alan Grant and Doug Moench, illustrated by Jim Aparo, Michael Netzer and Eduardo Barreto. Mike Grell had just left the comic after eighty issues. During that long run the character's connections to the fantastic nature of the DC Universe had been removed, and he had been taken down to a completely grounded level. The plot is a series of loosely connected team-up stories dealing with Oliver Queen's return to the superhero community and lifestyle.


Dinah Lance has broken up with him after she caught Oliver kissing another woman.[1] For the first time since he's been there, there's a superhuman conflict in Seattle... a fight between Nuklon and Shrapnel. Green Arrow intervenes and controls the situation, but in the mess afterward, he decides there's nothing more for him here and he's going to leave Seattle for good.[2]

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The story ends on a stirring metaphor during Zero Hour as reality itself begins to tear apart and existence itself is threatened. Time splits around him into two alternate paths as he's chasing a criminal down the street. In one version he successfully takes the thug down, but in the other he hesitates for a second and is shot repeatedly with the man's gun. Oliver is left standing over his own dead body, seeing that he can't hesitate in what he does... even for a second. Batman arrives to tells him they need him and he immediately answers the call.[3]



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