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Quiver was the name of a ten-part storyline that ran through the first year's run of Green Arrow (Volume 3), from April of 2001 until January of 2002. Written by Kevin Smith, with artwork by Phil Hester and Ande Parks, the story centered around the convoluted resurrection of Oliver Queen – the original Green Arrow. There were two previously published comic events that segued into the Quiver storyline. The first was the death of Oliver Queen. In Green Arrow (Volume 2) #101, Ollie sacrificed himself when he refused to evacuate an airplane containing a bomb rigged to explode. The second significant event took place in Final Night #3. Ollie's longtime friend, Hal Jordan, having recently evolved into the megalomaniacal Parallax, found the willpower to set things right by reigniting Earth's dying sun. Shortly before his noble sacrifice however, Jordan used his cosmic power to resurrect Oliver Queen's physical body.

Quiver not only brought the character of Oliver Queen back into continuity, but it also resurrected several more obscure characters from DC's Silver Age: namely, Stanley and his Monster. Originally envisioned as a children's adventure strip from the 1960s, Smith’s version of Stanley and his Monster abandoned the more innocent elements of the characters, immersing them into a darker, more violent setting.

In addition to Stanley and his Monster, Quiver featured numerous guest stars including Batman, Etrigan, Aquaman, Connor Hawke, Black Canary, Deadman and the JLA. It also introduced the character of Mia Dearden, a reformed prostitute, who would one day inherit the mantle of Speedy.



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