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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, Mike Grell/Cover Artist, Mike Grell/Writer Mike Grell/Penciler, Lurene Haines/Penciler, Mike Grell/Inker, Lurene Haines/Inker, Julia Lacquement/Colourist, Ken Bruzenak/Letterer, Mike Gold/Editor, Robert Greenberger/Editor, Oliver Queen (New Earth)/Quotes, Oliver Queen (New Earth)/Appearances, Dinah Laurel Lance (New Earth)/Appearances, Seattle Slasher (New Earth)/Appearances, Shado (New Earth)/Appearances, Howard Hill (New Earth)/Appearances, Gregory Osborne (New Earth)/Appearances, Rita Librado (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Harper (New Earth)/Appearances, Seattle Police Department/Appearances, Seattle/Appearances, Sherwood Florist/Appearances, Space Needle/Appearances, Star City/Appearances, Queen Industries/Appearances, Starfish Island/Appearances, Drugs/Appearances, Howard Hill's Longbow/Appearances, Comics, 1987, 1987, August, 1987, June (Publication), Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters Vol 1 1


Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters Vol 1 1

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"The Hunters": A killer known as the Seattle Slasher is on the loose after claiming an 18th victim. Meanwhile, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are just finishing unpacking into their apartment above the soon-to-open Sherwood Florist -

Quote1 But I am a hunter. That's the one thing I learned on that island... The one thing I'm really good at. That's what I forgot. The basics. Quote2
-- Oliver Queen

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Synopsis for "The Hunters"

A killer known as the Seattle Slasher is on the loose after claiming an 18th victim. Meanwhile, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are just finishing unpacking into their apartment above the soon-to-open Sherwood Florist - Dinah's flower shop. Suddenly, a 17 year old girl crashes through the door, high on crack. Oliver and Dinah get her some help, and discover that the girl may have a lead on the cocaine trade. Dinah decides that she'll work on the case by herself.

Oliver expresses sadness at the end of his glory days as Green Arrow, and his age, noting that his ward Roy Harper has had a daughter, which practically makes him a grandfather. To spite his feelings, Dinah dons her old Black Canary costume, and the two make love. Afterwards, Ollie proposes, but Dinah seems hesitant. He explains that he's been struck by his mortality, and wants children of his own. Unfortunately, Dinah doesn't want children because she fears for their safety. Elsewhere, the Seattle slasher strikes again.

On Oliver's birthday, Dinah gifts him a new, redesigned costume to wear as Green Arrow. He soon goes out to the streets to investigate the Seattle Slasher's murders, where he stops a mugging and questions the thugs. He follows leads to what he believes is the killer's hideout, finding news clippings that suggest that the killer is a Vietnam veteran who never stopped killing. As he investigates, the killer returns, knocking Green Arrow to the floor and setting the building aflame.

As Ollie recovers and attempts to track the killer before he strikes again, it appears that there is a link between the killer and several assassinations of political figures involved in a conspiracy. As Oliver closes in on the killer, he becomes witness to the killer's own murder, as a mysterious female archer kills both he and his accomplice before escaping.

The next day, the newspaper headlines suggests that there is a 'Robin Hood Killer' on the loose, and that the killer's intended victim, though saved, was murdered anyway by her pimp and it was blamed on the Seattle Slasher. Oliver is confounded by the lack of answers, despite the end of the Slasher's killings.


  • This issue is reprinted in the trade Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters.


  • There is a grave marked for Bill Willingham in one scene. Another for "Ray Gunn" likely is meant to reinforce Oliver's liberal views.

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