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Year One is a Green Arrow mini-series written by Andy Diggle with illustrations by Jock. It reboots the origin story of Oliver Queen, establishing his history following Infinite Crisis.


We are introduced to the frivolous playboy and reckless thrill-seeker, Oliver Queen. His origin story starts off with his desire to get away from his life. He sets out on a sea voyage with his trusted bodyguard and friend, Hackett. Much to Oliver's surprise Hackett betrayed him and before he knew it, he found himself stuck on an island.

On the island, Oliver begins to find himself. With only a bow and a handful of arrows at his disposal, he sharpens his skills and learns to treasure the things he has. For the first time in a long time, he's actually having fun.

Things turn out bad when Oliver discovers that the island isn't as deserted as he thought it was. A woman whom he called China White had enslaved the island's inhabitants and forced them to grow opium and manufacture heroin. Oliver must take actions into his own hands to save these people and all while figuring out what he wants to do with his life, who he wants to be. Oliver must discover what it means to be a Hero and what it means to be, Green Arrow.


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