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This article is part of the DC Database Recommended Reading project, a series of articles written by our editors. They are meant as a guide to help both new and old readers, either getting into comics for the first time or looking to read more on their favorites. These should not be taken as a definitive guide, obviously you can start wherever and with whatever you want, but they're some general suggestions that we think you might find enjoyable.
Green Arrow 0020

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batmaa-- I mean, Green Arrooow.

Green Arrow, the Emerald Archer, is a badass street-level vigilante whose skills and determination, combined with the finest in high-tech medieval weaponry that money can buy, mixes it up with thugs and cosmic-level villains alike. The character and his personality are a large part of what make the series so compelling, his political struggles for social justice outside the realm of regular crime-fighting, and dealing with his own flaws as a person.

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