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Quote1 I can feel it. The city. Something in the rhythm that flows with your blood. Nights like this, it calls. Wouldn't do any good to try to sleep anyway. Somewhere out there, it's happening. That moment of excitement... danger. The rush. It's just a question of finding it. Quote2
-- Oliver Queen

Appearing in "The Horseman, Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Horseman

Other Characters:

  • Dawn (Only appearance; dies)
  • Glynis
  • Jankowski (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "The Horseman, Part 1"

Somewhere in a strip club, a biker says he is looking for a redheaded girl named dawn. When he receives no answer, he attacks the staff violently until he confirms that she's not there. Then he leaves.
Elsewhere, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are on a date at a club called the Boom Boom Room which features strippers. As they dance together, a woman with red hair takes the stage, and performs a strip routine.
The redhead returns to her dressing room, where a younger new stripper joins her. The new girl is naive, and the redhead suggests that in order to be successful, she will have to debase herself, and have her spirit broken. The girl disregards her warnings. The redhead claims that she has some kind of "retirement insurance" that will help her quit the business.
That night, as Oliver goes on patrol as Green Arrow, while the biker who calls himself the Horseman trashes another strip club, leaving a warning for the club's supplier. Meanwhile, Oliver stops a drug-deal, pocketing the money and kicking the drugs down a storm drain. He gives the money to a homeless man in need of shelter.
As Oliver runs through the alleys, he suddenly comes across the scene of a brutal murder, which conjures memories of the torture that Dinah had undergone during the Robin Hood Killer case. The same redheaded stripper he had seen earlier is strung up and crucified, having been tortured to death.
Ollie calls Lt. Cameron, whose team begins a forensic investigation. Cameron suggests a link with the Horseman. He also suggests that she was asking for it, as a probable prostitute. Oliver is outraged, saying that nobody deserves to be killed in that way, except the person who did it to her.


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