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Quote1 Whatever you've been doing to piss these people off... cut it out! Quote2
-- Warlord

Appearing in "Enter..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Eddie (a gangster)
  • Hugo (a gangster)

Other Characters:

  • None




  • None

Synopsis for "Enter..."

A man wearing a trench coat and bearing a strong resemblance to Oliver Queen stops in a bar in Seattle. A local thug points him out and decides to exact revenge against him for a previous injury. The trench-coated man quickly flips him over and takes down several of the thug's friends.

Later, the man is seen walking down a dirty street when another gang of local toughs decide to accost him. Using various hand-to-hand techniques, the man beats them all down.

Later still, a carload of gangsters corner the coated man prepared to kill him. The leader of the gang wants revenge against "Green Arrow" for sending his brother-in-law to prison. One of the thugs suspects that the man in the coat may not actually be Green Arrow. Regardless of his identity, the man in the trench coat easily dispatches all of the gangsters.

Meanwhile at the Sherwood Florist, Ollie and Dinah engage in a sparring session, succeeded by a bout of passionate lovemaking. While lying in bed, they hear an angry knock at the door. Answering the door, Ollie finds Travis Morgan – the Warlord. Travis is enraged over the fact that all of Ollie's vendettas are being visited upon him, and so he punches Ollie across the jaw.



  • The cover title for this issue reads, "Enter the Lost World of Green Arrow". This is a reference to the tagline for the Warlord series of comics which usually reads, "Enter the Lost World of the Warlord".
  • According to artist Mike Grell, the confrontation between Oliver Queen and the Warlord was born from a joke in which Grell was accused of only being able to draw one style of character.[1]

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