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Quote1 I've been in this town 24 hours, and so far I've been dodging knives, clubs, guns, goons and cars and it's his fault! Quote2
-- Warlord

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Synopsis for "Siege"

A man who looks exactly like Green Arrow shows up at the door of the Sherwood Florist and punches Ollie in the face, knocking him to the ground. Dinah Lance shows up on the scene and demands to know what's going on. The man complains that since arriving in Seattle, he has been set upon by many of Oliver's enemies, and when he makes a chauvinistic comment and Dinah knocks him to the ground with a single punch. The man apologizes, introducing himself as Travis Morgan (aka Warlord). He alludes to the fact that he has spent the last 20 years in an unusual place, and that he ages slowly.

Elsewhere in Seattle, a group of criminals break into the Pacific Gas and Electric Transformer Station and cause a blackout in the city. All over the city, criminals take advantage of the blackout to commit various crimes, looting, mugging and causing general chaos where they can. The blackout is a cover for a vengeful mob boss's assassination attempt on Oliver.

A group of the mob boss' armed men assault the Sherwood Florist. Dinah tries to call the police, but the phone is dead. The three defend themselves from the assault, killing all the invaders. Travis returns to his home world, hoping to avoid questions from the police.


This title is suggested for mature readers.


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