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"Trigger Part 1": Over breakfast, Oliver Queen wonders why his young friend Marianne - a street kid that he and Dinah Lance have taken on as an employee at the Sherwood Florist - doesn't seem to date.

Quote1 There's a program at the veteran's center for guys just like you who carry a little too much of the past around. Quote2
-- Oliver Queen

Appearing in "Trigger Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dr. Elaine Pike

Other Characters:

  • Digger the Greek (Flashback only)
  • Slo-Bro (Flashback only)
  • Cherry (Flashback only)
  • Congressman Schroeder
  • Bill Carlson




Synopsis for "Trigger Part 1"

Over breakfast, Oliver Queen wonders why his young friend Marianne - a street kid that he and Dinah Lance have taken on as an employee at the Sherwood Florist - doesn't seem to date. Dinah conspires to hold a party for their friends where she can try to set Marianne up on a date with some of their younger male friends. Oliver attempts to avoid getting involved.
Suddenly, Marianne drags her badly beaten friend Jack Hammer, a former boxer, into Dinah's kitchen. Jack explains that he ran afoul of their acquaintance Jefferson Twodogs, a Vietnam war vet, who is having an episode of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ollie, Jack, and Marianne check on their friend, but his two dogs are too protective for them to get near him. Oliver wraps the dogs in a tarp and has Jack sit on it so they can't get out. Marianne addresses their friend with his real name, Mason Jeffries, and it brings him out of his trance. Oliver offers to get him some help that will let him stop carrying his past around.
Mason sees a therapist who takes him through a hypnotic regression where he re-experiences a mission to kill a French colonel working with the Viet Cong. They killed the colonel, but his guards were many, and they didn't escape unscathed. By the time they got to the river, there was only one man on their tale, but he was so good that he killed or injured everyone by Mason. Mason managed to kill their attacker, but his injured friend Cherry disappeared down the river in the meantime. The therapist wakes Mason up, and gives him the ability to accept his memories, helping him to deal with them.
Back at the Sherwood Florist, Marianne writes in her diary. She obviously idolizes Oliver Queen, and even holds romantic feelings for him in fantasy. Still she seems to prefer the fantasy to reality, and never shares her feelings with him.
Later, Lieutenant Cameron visits the same psychiatrist that Mason Jeffries saw, he speaks little about his personal problems, but manages to establish that the doctor has abused her hypnotherapy in order to get even with a cop who was disrespectful toward her. Afterwards, the Lieutenant plans to have former Congressman Schroeder so that he can testify against a Seattle crime lord. The doctor, who has been trying to convince people to stop smoking stands outside the briefing room and lights a cigarette.
The Lieutenant accompanies the Congressman on his plane to the Seattle airport while his tactical team prepares its security. Suddenly, a sniper has a vision of the congressman pulling a gun on the Lieutenant. His commander orders him to hold his fire, but he hears it as "fire! fire!" Obviously, the sniper has been hypnotized.


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