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"Killing Camp Part Two": Surrounded by camouflaged gunmen, Oliver Queen and Eddie Fyers waste little time in stealing their weapons and forcing them to lead the way to their boss.

Quote1 I don't care if many parts of a pine tree are edible... I'd kill for a chili dog right about now. Quote2
-- Oliver Queen

Appearing in "Killing Camp Part Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gerhardt Lachner/Colonel Edward Laker

Other Characters:

  • Gunner Sergeant Thomas
  • Corporal Haggart




Synopsis for "Killing Camp Part Two"

Surrounded by camouflaged gunmen, Oliver Queen and Eddie Fyers waste little time in stealing their weapons and forcing them to lead the way to their boss.
Back in Seattle, Marianne attempts to talk out her feelings with Dinah Lance about what happened between her and Oliver. Dinah responds that part of Oliver's appeal is that he is a grown man who acts like a child, but that he needs to control his impulses. She explains that she doesn't blame them for being attracted to each other, but she blames Oliver for the action. She admits that while she loves Oliver, he made a decision, and he and everyone else who loves him will have to live with it.
Oliver and Eddie meets their target, Gerhardt Lachner, known here as Colonel Edward Laker. Lachner shows no mercy to the sentries that the pair defeated, binding them half-naked outside in the cold. He outfits Oliver and Eddie with automatic weapons, and trains them for days.
One night, while Oliver is working as a sentry outside the camp, Fyers appears. He reveals that he has discovered the body of one of the four sentries that they fought earlier, showing that Lachner is even more brutal than at first he appeared. Oliver concludes that they should grab their target and get out of there as soon as possible. Still, Fyers oversteps his bounds and makes a jab at Oliver's personal feelings over losing Dinah, playing on his pre-established lust for her to annoy Oliver. Despite their reluctant partnership, Oliver shoots Eddie in the back.
Lachner is drawn by the sound of the gunshot, and Oliver is forced to bury Eddie himself before meeting with the Colonel in his office. Oliver tells Lachner the truth about Fyers, and his plan to have Oliver help him deliver Lachner to the highest bidder. Even so, Lachner hopes to torture the truth out of Oliver for 'verification.' Rather than subject himself to that, Oliver takes out the guard in the room, and attaches a live grenade to Lachner's jacket. He then leads Lachner out of the camp.
Outside, Fyers is waiting, alive and well. Oliver knew that Fyers always wears a bullet-proof vest, but of course, Fyers objected to being buried. Together, they lead Lachner back, hoping to send him back to Germany.


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