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Quote1 I'm the best there is at what I do: screwing up my life. Quote2
-- Oliver Queen

Appearing in "Cross Roads, Part One: Home Alki"

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Synopsis for "Cross Roads, Part One: Home Alki"

Green Arrow stops a young thug from vandalizing a building, but he is emotionally affected by the fact that his girlfriend Dinah Lance has left him, and won't likely take him back. He struggles with whether or not to stay in Seattle, knowing that Dinah is still there. Maybe there's no reason to stay without her.
Meanwhile, Nuklon and Shrapnel are battling on the streets, apparently in dispute about a lady's affections. Oliver is drawn to their battle, but finds himself unsure of how to deal with super-humans, knowing that his arrows won't do much damage. Of course, the battle's collateral damage upsets Oliver, because it destroys homes and property.
Oliver tries to intervene, but he is outmatched by the the super-humans, and they refuse to listen. Their fighting damages a nearby gas-station, and the street is flooded with gasoline. Oliver threatens them that if either of them moves, he will ignite the gas. Nuklon complies, but Shrapnel makes a run for it. Knowing that if he looses his arrow, it will mean that he can never come back to Seattle, he knocks it to his bow, and blows up the gas station.
After that, the woman who the super-humans were fighting over makes a pass at Oliver, an action which is seen by Dinah, only serving to put salt into his wound. Ultimately, he tells Shrapnel to leave the girl alone if she says she wants him out, Nuklon to fight only for people who want to be fought for, and the girl to just leave him alone. His targets, however, respond with crippling insults that shake his confidence. Still, Shrapnel leaves, Nuklon allows himself to be arrested, and the girl leaves.
Oliver is then confronted by Lt. Cameron, who accuses his brand of costumed vigilantism of bringing super-villains to Seattle. Oliver simply states that he's leaving the city, because he has no reason to stay without Dinah. Sadly, he says goodbye to Seattle, and goodbye to Dinah with it.



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Green Arrow Vol 2 81
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Cross Roads Crossover
Cross Roads is a Green Arrow story about adventures the superhero has on the run from the law while he is wanted by government agencies. The story was written by Kevin Dooley and illustrated by Jim Aparo shortly after Mike Grell left the comic, from 1993-94 ending during Zero Hour.

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