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Appearing in "Quiver (Part VII of X) - Hard Traveling Heroes"

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Synopsis for "Quiver (Part VII of X) - Hard Traveling Heroes"

Right before the Demon is ready to turn Green Arrow into a pile of ash, the Spectre intervenes and teleports him out of Jason Blood's pentagram. Ollie now sees that Hal Jordan is the Spectre. Hal explains how he cloned Ollie from leftover DNA found on Superman's cape during the Final Night incident. He pledges to take Ollie to someone who can help explain the loss of memory that Ollie has been suffering from. The Spectre takes Green Arrow to the gates of Heaven and blusters past the gates' guardian, the Phantom Stranger. Beyond the gates of Paradise are the souls of various individuals who have died including, the Flash, Robin (Jason Todd), Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. But none of these are the ones that Ollie is to meet. The Spectre takes Ollie across a field to meet the soul of the man who can best explain Ollie's situation to him – Oliver Queen himself!


  • Deadman makes reference to someone named Kinison. This would be Sam Kinison, the stand-up comedian who died in an automobile accident in 1992.


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