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Green Arrow Vol 3 71

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"Seeing Red (Part III of IV) - Change Partners": Speedy tries to keep in contact with Green Arrow and Batman, but her radio goes silent as each hero is embroiled in his own separate fight. Upon hearing cries for

Quote1 Man, I gotta tell you... I really wish I could be watching this one ringside as well as fighting it... 'cause it's gonna be good. Quote2
-- Jason Todd

Appearing in "Seeing Red (Part III of IV) - Change Partners"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Higgins
  • Luis
  • Malray




Synopsis for "Seeing Red (Part III of IV) - Change Partners"

Speedy tries to keep in contact with Green Arrow and Batman, but her radio goes silent as each hero is embroiled in his own separate fight. Upon hearing cries for help from a building across the street, Speedy leaps to investigate.

At the Kell Corporation, the Green Arrow squares off against the Red Hood. He fires a few arrows into the ceiling, setting off the sprinkler system. The Red Hood decides to forego his firearms, preferring instead the use of a samurai sword. Ollie has his own sword and the two begin fighting.

Across town, the Batman deals with the Brick. He baits Brick into following him into a confined alleyway, and then releases a handful of gas pellets. The Brick knew that Batman would attempt such a tactic, and came prepared with a gas mask. Batman then sets the Brick on fire with an incendiary device, fully aware that the strategy will only serve to slow him down.

Green Arrow and the Red Hood continue their own fight, and Ollie manages to get the drop on him. Disarming the Hood, he holds both swords at his throat. Jason taunts Ollie, and reveals that the sword is more than just a regular weapon. Realizing that it is also a timed explosive, Ollie throws the sword into the wall, and both combatants vacate the building before it explodes.

The Red Hood radios a group of his cohorts stationed elsewhere. They have captured Speedy and are holding her captive.

Meanwhile, Constantine Drakon and Deathstroke murder two prison guards and escape from Alcatraz Island. Deathstroke radios his old master, Natas, and tells him that he is free. Natas responds by indicating that he is prepared for Deathstroke to teach his last student (Ollie) a lesson in failure.



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