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"A Kind of Loving, A Way of Death": This story is reprinted from Green Lantern (Volume 2) #78.

Quote1 You learned that the strife which rends your nation - your world - must cease! Sooner or later, humanity must stop hitting... killing... which lead to hatred and bloodshed! I pray you, for the splendor in yourselves... before it's too late! Quote2
-- The Guardian

Appearing in "A Kind of Loving, A Way of Death"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Demons Motorcycle Club
  • Joshua the Cult Leader (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "A Kind of Loving, A Way of Death"

This story is reprinted from Green Lantern (Volume 2) #78.

Black Canary is motorbiking in Washington State, when four thugs belonging to a motorcycle gang called the Demons attack her, hoping to steal her bike. She defeats them all effortlessly, but one of her assailants recovers and runs her down with his motorbike, knocking her unconscious. A mysterious figure finds her and carries her off.

Two weeks later, Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, and one of the Guardians arrive in a nearby Indian reserve looking for food. However, soon after they finish eating, the same thugs who had attacked Black Canary appear, and assault the proprietor, making racist remarks. Ollie and Hal suit up and subdue the attackers but they soon recognize that one of their motorbike's is actually Black Canary's. Green Arrow is enraged, forcing Green Lantern to hold him back.

After the Demons are apprehended, Green Arrow and Green Lantern investigate the site of Black Canary's attack, and though the trail is cold, they soon catch a glimpse of the Canary herself. Strangely, though, she states that she cannot go, because the place is her home. A mysterious man named Joshua appears, explaining that she is now a part of his family, to whom he preaches the truth. It soon becomes clear that Black Canary has been brainwashed. Before giving up for the moment, Oliver kisses her, which jogs her memory, somewhat. Before fully breaking free of Joshua, he gives her a package containing a gun, which he influences her to take.

Oliver and Hal argue over Black Canary's rejection, and the two part ways. At night, Oliver discovers that Joshua is training his 'family', including Black Canary, to use firarms for the purposes of killing all non-white men. Green Arrow signals for help from Green Lantern, but he is soon shot down by Joshua's people. While Green Lantern deals with the attackers, Joshua and Black Canary escape, and come upon an injured Green Arrow. Joshua commands Black Canary to execute him, but she cannot. Green Lantern appears and stops Joshua from shooting Green Arrow himself – using his ring to create a construct of a clenched fist to sock the maniacal racist leader across the jaw. This causes the gun to turn towards Joshua's heart and go off, killing him and thereby severing his control over Black Canary. All seems well, but Green Lantern warns that Joshua was not the first of his kind.

Appearing in "Ulysses Star is Still Alive!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Theodore Pudd
  • Pierre O'Rourke

Other Characters:

  • Abraham Star
  • Congressman Sullivan




Synopsis for "Ulysses Star is Still Alive!"

This story is reprinted from Green Lantern (Volume 2) #79.

Green Lantern and Green Arrow are resting by their campfire when they hear a noise. They rush to investigate and discover two men ready to execute a native American. The two heroes disarm the men and asses the situation. They learn that the two would be assassins - Theodore Pudd & Pierre O'Rourke - claim to own the local land and trees. However, the native American states that his tribe's ancient chief brokered a deal with the government for exclusive rights to the lumber a hundred years prior. But, the government & local records all conveniently disappeared. Feeling that there is not much case with out the contract, the two heroes learn that one more copy is reputed to exist and it resides with a man no one has seen for twenty years - Abraham Star.

Green Arrow decides that they must stay and fight. Green Lantern does not feel that breaking the law is the right thing, so he decides to help by trying to find Abraham Star. Hal heads to Evergreen City, where he used to work as an insurance investigator, and searches records until he finds a lead to Abraham's location. Hal arrives on the scene to find the building burning. He rushes in to save Abe and the two escape just in time. Abe, a victim of smoke-inhalation, is taken off to the hospital, but not before he reveals to Green Lantern that all the legal records he had just went up in flames! Hal won't give up and flies off, trying to think of another way to help the tribe and deciding to go to Washington, D.C.. Meanwhile, Green Arrow has headed back to the nearby native American town where he finds Black Canary trying to help the local townspeople. Black Canary tells Ollie that she has noticed the townspeople are very dejected. A few hours later, a couple of white-men try to steal some food from the reservation. They are scared off by the spirit of Ulysses Star! The two men rush to a nearby lumberjack bar and report their story. No one belives it until the spirit shows up in person, with arrows flying!

Theodore Pudd convinces the lumberjacks that it is just a hoax though, and the men agree to continue cutting down trees. Back in town, Ulysses appears to the tribes-people and convinces them that they must fight to protect what is theirs.

A few hours later, dawn breaks and the lumberjacks arrive. The tribes-men stand ready to fight though, alongside Black Canary. A fight breaks out, and the spirit of Ulysses joins in as well, but it is quickly ended when Green Lantern arrives with U.S. Representative Sullivan. Sullivan has promised to look into the matter, so Lantern suggests that everyone goes home until then.

The spirit of Ulysses takes offense to this suggestion of inaction and calls-out Green Lantern. Ulysses, now clearly Green Arrow, points out that his costume is yellow and that they should duke it out without ring or bow. The two duke it out until an errant log hits them and knocks them both out cold. Later, at the reservation Cafe, they discuss their opposing tactics, as do the locals, who have lost hope. Luckily, Sullivan arrives just in time to break the news that a man has confessed to the arson in Evergreen City and has implicated Pudd and O'Rourke.

Later, at a campfire, the two reflect on their dispute and its lack of a resolution. Old Timer points out that although it was not resolved, they at least learned that hitting and killing leads to bloodshed and humanity must stop doing this before it is too late.



  • In "Ulysses Star is Still Alive!", the narrative of the last few frames depicting the fight between Green Lantern and the Spirit/Green Arrow, and that of the story's closing frame, feature quotations taken from Template:Wp, the 1968 Pulitzer Prize- and National Book Award-winning nonfiction novel by Norman Mailer.

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