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"The Price of Power": Hal Jordan and Sinestro debate what has caused the recent uprising on Korugar, until Hal realizes that he has been gone for two days - which would likely be viewed as an escape by the authorities. Sinestro re

Quote1 Jordan, your priorities are as disordered as ever. We are pursued. You are under Suspicion. We are surrounded by Chaos. And you stop to think some trivial little... Creature! Quote2
-- Sinestro

Appearing in "The Price of Power"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Clendon
  • Homey

Other Characters:

  • Fists of the Guardians




Synopsis for "The Price of Power"

Hal Jordan and Sinestro debate what has caused the recent uprising on Korugar, until Hal realizes that he has been gone for two days - which would likely be viewed as an escape by the authorities. Sinestro realizes that a prison might be a good place to hide from the Green Lantern Corps, and suggests that they return to Earth.
In the prison, a crook named Clendon and his cellmate Homey steal a gun from their prison guard, and make their escape. They release all of the inmates in their cell block. Clendon, however, is obsessed with the idea of having the power of a Green Lantern Ring, having realized Hal's secret identity, and he forces his goons to track it down.
When Clendon and his men find Hal's cell empty, they head to the infirmary, where Hal's friend Willie is talking to his caseworker Guy Gardner. Guy assumes Hal has escaped, but Willie - knowing Hal's secret - is unconvinced, though he doesn't know where his friend is. When Clendon hears this, he changes his plans, and takes Guy hostage.
Hal and Sinestro return to prison, immediately noticing that something has gone wrong. They check the infirmary, where Willie is relieved to see them. Hal and Sinestro change into human plainclothes, with Sinestro adopting the appearance of Willie, to Hal's displeasure. To rectify the situation, Sinestro transports Willie out of the prison with his ring - again, to Hal's increasing frustration.
Clendon and his men break into the security surveillance room, and when he sees Hal and 'Willie' on the monitors, he orders his men to release all the prisoners, and start a riot. In the chaos, Hal and Sinestro come face to face with Clendon, who has a gun to Guy Gardner's head. Clendon demands the ring in exchange for Guy's life. Hal complies, and soon finds himself on the receiving end of an energy blast.
When Clendon turns his attention to 'Willie', Sinestro reveals himself, easily plucking the ring from his finger, and returning it to Hal. When they return their attention to Clendon, however, Guy Gardner has the discarded gun pointed at him. Guy's anger management problems come to the fore, and he brutally attacks the criminal violently with his bare hands. Hal manages to restrain him with his ring, though Sinestro seems to think it would have been fair to let Guy kill Clendon.
To Hal's horror, Sinestro mind-wipes Clendon, and then threatens to mind-wipe Guy as well. Hal resists, but as Sinestro begins ranting against his weak-will, his attention is drawn to something else. The Fists of the Guardians have arrived to place them both under arrest.


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