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Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II Vol 1 6


Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II Vol 1 6

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"The Power and the Glory": The Fists of the Guardians surround Hal Jordan and Sinestro amidst a prison riot. The robots attempt to apprehend Sinestro, but he resists, eventually escaping throu

Quote1 Under Arrest? Under Arrest? I cannot be under Arrest! I am a Green Lantern! Quote2
-- Sinestro

Appearing in "The Power and the Glory"

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Synopsis for "The Power and the Glory"

The Fists of the Guardians surround Hal Jordan and Sinestro amidst a prison riot. The robots attempt to apprehend Sinestro, but he resists, eventually escaping through the roof. They take Hal at his word that he will remain, and pursue the rogue Lantern. They chase a deranged Sinestro across the country side, eventually knocking him into a grain silo, where the yellow grains leave him powerless.
Despite the confusion of the nearby Guy Gardner, Hal becomes the Green Lantern, and is forced to deal with the prison riot by himself. He rounds up all of the prisoners and puts them back into their respective cells. Hal apprises the warden of the situation, but before he can be recognized, he returns to his own cell. As he wonders how he'll account for the two days he was missing from his cell, he is suddenly transported away to Oa. Hal is introduced as a witness for Sinestro, to be cross examined by Tomar-Re before the Guardians, for judgment. Upon Sinestro's questioning, Hal admits that he was trained in the importance of order, and that he is unsure of the amount of deference for the Green Lantern Corps that should be paid by the residents of the sectors they protect. Tomar-Re's line of questioning suggests that Sinestro abused his power in his duties protecting the planet Korugar.
Tomar-Re then calls Katma Tui to the stand, where she testifies of how Sinestro's brand of order oppressed the Korugarans. The effect of her testimony is strong, and the Guardians easily judge that Sinestro has abused his power. Sinestro is sentenced to be banished to the Anti-Matter Universe of Qward. He is enraged, and threatens vengeance on the Corps and the Guardians, before disappearing.
Tomar-Re suggests Katma Tui as Sinestro's replacement for Green Lantern of Sector 1417. Neither Katma, not Kilowog are particularly happy about it.
Hal is returned to his prison cell, feeling more confused and afraid about the Guardians than he had before. When his 90 day sentence is served, Guy Gardner accompanies him outside, where Hal is greeted by his friends, and taken home.


  • Hal Jordan is picked up by Carol Ferris and another man after he leaves Prison, the other man may be one of his brothers or Thomas Kalmaku.


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