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Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn Vol 1 5


Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn Vol 1 5

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"The Test": Green Lantern and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps are surprised to discover that Legion has survived a nuclear blast, back on earth. Kilowog orders the Corp

Quote1 You pit me against this thing-- you put this power on my hand-- and you want me to be a nice boy?! Hell no! Quote2
-- Hal Jordan

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Synopsis for "The Test"

Green Lantern and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps are surprised to discover that Legion has survived a nuclear blast, back on earth. Kilowog orders the Corps to head for cover while he distracts the villain. Unfortunately, Legion manages to kill several Corps members.
The Corps move underground, hoping to use the planet's bedrock as a weapon against Legion. Salakk and Tomar-Re devise a plan to trap their enemy within a sphere of the mineral Oamite. Once again, however, Legion escapes, killing yet another Corpsman.
Legion beats his way through Kilowog and Salakk, into the chamber where the Guardians of the Universe are sleeping. He wakes them, demanding vengeance, and entangling himself in the cables attached to their sleeping pods. Hal Jordan acts quickly, severing the cables and lifting Legion up into the air and carrying him away.
Struggling to think of a way to defeat a yellow enemy, Hal realizes that he can cover the yellow using Oa's muddy terrain. Once Legion is covered in mud, Hal is able to use his Green Lantern Ring to bring his enemy to its knees. But, when Hal seems ready to deliver a killing blow, Legion explains that he is in fact the collective souls of the people of Tchk-Tchk - a race trapped within an energy field on their own planet by the Guardians. Hal is not convinced, knowing that Legion had killed his friends back on earth, but he refuses to kill for Legion or the Guardians.
Hal uses his ring to remove Legion's armour, but an increasingly large creature springs forth and attacks the Corps.


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